Are you still being a teenage rebel?


The Role of the Rebel.

One of the common themes I notice with my clients is how much they like to rebel. They started smoking, drinking, eating crap etc as teenagers, as a way of fitting in with the gang and sticking two fingers up at the status quo.

It makes perfect sense, it’s what teenagers do as they try and work out who they are and what their place is in the world.

Roll forward 20yrs though and I wonder how much that rebellious streak is serving you now?

When you look to teenagers now, is that how you want to be or compared to?

I sincerely doubt it!

Yet people keep on with the same old behaviour because it’s familiar, it’s safe and because of the biggest thing our brains hate….


So how do we shift you from that habit that you’re now tired of, fed up of and quite frankly embarrassed of (maybe like those outfits you used to wear)?

Here’s a few ways I use with my clients:

1. When you catch yourself in the habit ask yourself if you want to be a pathetic rebellious teenager/a big baby or a fully grown adult in control of your self? and does your behaviour match that?

2. What can you rebel against instead? The tobacco giants that want you to be their slave? The fast food giants who are trying to manipulate your brain through advertising?

3. Follow your curiosity. Ask yourself- what feeling am I trying to change here? What am I running away from? Is this behaviour in line with who I am and what to be?

Happy rebelling against your own status quo.