Learn to Conquer Public Speaking – Whether it be in Hertfordshire, Hoddesdon, St Albans, or even Online

Do you ever wish you could be one of those super confident people who take public speaking in their stride? Nothing seems to bother them, and they just get up out of their seat, get it done, and then get on with their day. Sometimes they even see to enjoy the process.

When you’re tasked with giving a presentation at work or a speech at your friend’s wedding, you may well experience the flight, freeze, or fight response. It’s where, try as you might to stay calm, you feel on edge and begin to experience symptoms of panic such as palpitations and a raised temperature.

A Perfectly Normal Sensation

There’s nothing wrong with feeling like this, in fact it’s completely natural. So much so that even Winston Churchill struggled with public speaking in his early career. In the autobiography of his early life he talks of restless nights and self doubt before delivering his first ever public address as a young man. Proof if it were needed, that public speaking isn’t an easy thing to do for many of us.

This tells you that anyone can conquer their fear, and become one of those people who look they’ve been doing it forever. The chances are most of them will have had to work day after day to create the calm persona that you see today, and you can do the same.

How Can I Help?

This is one of the most common issues which clients come to me with, and my client base is spread across all walks of life. During my career I’ve amassed a portfolio of skills and techniques which are ideal for helping improve your confidence in public speaking situations.


One of the main reasons people freeze and experience symptoms of anxiety when faced with public speaking, is that they perceive it as a threat.

The idea of public failure or humiliation isn’t pleasant to anyone, and it’s perfectly natural to be concerned by it. The issue is when a healthy level of concern which pushes you to rehearse and practice, ends up boiling over into a state of continual worry.

Your brain is very good at forming new habits, but the issue is that these can be either productive or counterproductive. What we can do is use a bespoke program of hypnotherapy to load a new program and series of responses into your mind. It’s all about changing the way you perceive public speaking so that you can turn it from a threat, into a simple task that needs to be done.

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy

If you want to approach public speaking engagements with confidence, then it’s not something that you can fake — you have to genuinely believe that you can do it. To do this we need to get to the core of what your feelings and emotions mean, and how they manifest themselves in physical symptoms which can sometimes feel overwhelming to you.

You might start by feeling overwhelmed, before quickly reaching the conclusion you’re not good enough to get the job done, and that this is reason for thinking you’re a failure. These emotions are powerful and can feel all-pervading, and can even change the way you carry yourself and speak once you’re onstage.

What we need to do, is get to the core of why you feel that way, and start coming up with more positive ways of seeing yourself. That way when you start to feel negative emotions, you’ll be able to process them in a constructive way which still enables you to speak with confidence and clarity.


All of us have a naturally confident self within us; we just may not have an image of what it looks like just yet. That’s natural, and it’s something which a targeted course of NLP is designed to address.

It’s all about developing an intelligent set of tools which will allow you to boost your confidence on demand. Ideal if you want to feel like you’re completely in control of your destiny when faced with a new challenge. This makes it ideal for mastering the art of public speaking.

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What Does the Future Look Like?

Everyone improves and feels better at their own rate, and it’s a complex journey from beginning to end. With this in mind, the most important thing is to visualise where you want to get to, whilst using the progress you’ve already made as a source of inspiration.

If you want to be someone who delivers a best man’s speech for the ages, or becomes the go-to person at work for vital presentations, then making a start on the new you is the biggest step you can take.

Commit to progress, invest in yourself, and enjoy the journey. That way you’ll be able to show your talent to the whole world before you know it.

If you’d like to know more about my how I can help you with my Rock your Life Package (£290), get in touch and book in for a free consultation call today!