Lose weight and regain your life

Barely a week goes by without the latest shocking headlines or statistics about the obesity epidemic in Britain being plastered online or printed across the front pages of the newspaper. It is fair to say that a significant proportion of people in the United Kingdom are struggling with their weight. This causes problems in the short and long term and as well as having a detrimental impact on people’s health, being overweight can cause mental and psychological issues for many people. This means that many people are keen to lose weight but no matter what they try, they never seem to manage it or to keep weight off.

One of the most revolutionary and effective weight-loss methods in recent times has been the gastric band. Having a gastric band fitted helps people to significantly reduce the amount of food that they consume, helping them to lose weight and get fitter and healthier. Sadly, there are many issues surrounding having a gastric band fitted. A lot of people don’t want to put themselves through surgery and many other people are unable to afford the cost of having a gastric band fitted. This is why there are so many people looking for an equally effective way to obtain the benefits of having a gastro-band fitted and this is where the hypno-band is highly effective.

Hypno-band treatments are a long-term solution to weight loss problems

The hypno-band is a long-term solution to weight issues, particularly those caused by over eating and portion control. This is a safe procedure that is able to deliver the results offered by a traditional gastric band. Hypno-analysis is a highly effective method of losing weight and gaining control over your weight. It is the responsibility of every client to work towards their ideal weight but for people who need support and the highest level of treatment and guidance, hypo-band therapy is highly regarded.

I am a fully licenced practitioner of the hypno-band treatment. This means that you will receive a high standard of support and treatment for hypno-band therapy. I offer clinics in Hoddesdon and St Albans, Hertfordshire.

We can help clients who would be suitable for a gastric band

This treatment is recommended for people who people who would normally be recommended for gastric-band treatments, which is people who hold a high Body Mass Index, BMI, and who have been classified as being “clinically obese”.

The Hypno-band programme (£490)

The programme included five 50 minute sessions to ensure that as well as using the Hypno-band to help with portion control and feeling full, the underlying emotional causes that created the overeating in the first place are also tackled.  The  Hypno-band part of the sessions utilises suggestion and through the use of visualisation, your mind will become convinced that your stomach has contracted and that you require less food to feel full. The act of eating less and less frequently will help you to take better control of your weight.

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Please note: As with any therapy individual results will vary and individual success cannot be guaranteed