Online Hypnotherapy – Help is available with the click of a button, and in person in Hertfordshire, Hoddesdon, and St Albans

Finding new ways to program your mind, process your emotions, and to beat issues such as stress and anxiety is central to your wellbeing. By being able to understand how your own mind works you will be able to live the long and happy life you have always wanted.

Hypnotherapy can be a big part of that, but it’s not always possible to travel to a nearby professional. By expanding my services to encompass online sessions, I want to make seeking personal support as simple as clicking a button.

How Does Online Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is an all-natural approach that doesn’t rely on the hypnotist being in the room with you. As long as you can see and hear them, you’ll be able to experience exactly the same benefits as you would with a face-to-face session.

In fact, a number of my online clients have reported they found the initial first steps of the process less stressful when undertaken online. This is because they were able to remain in familiar surroundings throughout their treatment, and didn’t have the stress and uncertainty of driving to an appointment. If these are things that you feel you may struggle with, then online hypnosis via either Skype or Zoom could be a fantastic option to explore.

The Benefits of Hypnosis

Hypnosis works by allowing you to reprogram different habits and rituals that various parts of your brain have adopted over the years. It’s a highly personal process, and what works for one person may not be the best approach for someone else. This is understandable when you consider that we are all products of our experiences, and we all react to different situations in our own ways.

For this reason I adopt a personal approach from day one, beginning with a one-to-one consultation where we get to know one another. This offers you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the treatments I offer, and allows me to gain a greater understanding of the issues you’re facing. I can also advise on how any medication you’re currently taking could impact the process. My experience has been that this is a far more effective route than adopting a one size fits all approach.

How to Choose the Right Space

One of the benefits of online hypnotherapy is that you can undertake your sessions in the comfort and security of your own home. To ensure you get the most out of every session, there are a few tried and tested things which you might like to implement in your home so that you can achieve your goals sooner.

Having a designated space for your sessions is the most important thing as it will create positive habits which you can then take with you throughout the rest of your day. Choose somewhere quiet and tranquil, and with plenty of natural light if you find it relaxes you. You will want to be warm and cosy, but not so hot that you become drowsy or your attention begins to wane. Turn off the TV, leave your phone in a different room, and make sure your surroundings are quiet and peaceful.

Common Misconceptions About Hypnosis

There are a number of common misconceptions about hypnosis that it’s important to be aware of before you decide to embark on a series of online sessions.

The most common of which is that you can become stuck in a hypnotised state indefinitely. Rest assured, not only is this not the case, I begin every session by programming in everything necessary to ensure you return to your normal state of consciousness should the internet connection drop for any reason.

Secondly, you may hear stories of how hypnotists will put their clients in trace states over which they have no control. This is also untrue, and I take steps to ensure you have full control every step of the way. Should you wish to ask me any questions before, during, or after a session, then I actively encourage you to do so.

A Personal Approach Every Step Of the Way

The most important thing to remember is that hypnosis is all about going on a journey with a trained professional who will help guide you through. It’s about exploring yourself, processing emotions, and reprogramming habits.

By approaching every session with an open mind, you will be able to get the most out of it, whilst continuing to take the steps needed to achieve your goals.

What Does the Future Look Like?

Online hypnosis is one of my most popular services because it offers the same personal approach to self-development and understanding as my face-to-face sessions, without restrictions on where you live.

If you would like to understand whether it can be of help with the issues you’re currently facing, please feel free to contact me for a get to know you session at your earliest convenience.