The good news is that Hypnotherapy can help in a number of different ways. As well as strengthening your resolve to be a non-smoker by suggesting positive ideas and imagery directly to your subconscious, it can also be used to uncover some of the root causes of why you have continued to smoke long after you first had that desire to give it up.

For many clients the act of smoking provides secondary gains. Perhaps, for example, smoking is the only time you get to leave the stressful environment of your office for five minutes or have a break from the children. This is why Hypnotherapy is great because it deals with the bigger picture and not just the presenting issue. Not only that, at Hypnos Wellbeing each solution is tailor made specially to match you and your needs. There’s no one size fits all solution or thinking to be found with me!

As well as helping you to give up smoking, I also provide support to deal with these underlying causes. For example, if stress is a factor then I can  use a blend of Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to provide you with alternate tools and methods to both reduce that stress and increase your overall feelings of wellbeing. As you know yourself, the less stressed you are the less you have the desire to comfort yourself with smoking, food, drink or any other method.

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Here’s what a previous client had to say about their experience:

I went to Geraldine around about 5/6 months ago to see if she could help my addiction to cigarettes. As soon as I met her I felt comfortable and calm and very at ease. Before the hypnosis began she asked me several questions about my habit and my lifestyle. I told her that I was planning to travel the world but needed to get rid of fags to help me save a bit more money. The hypnosis began, I’d never been hypnotise before so I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t go in to a deep trance or anything like I’d thought I would but once it was over, i woke up, felt a bit disorientated and didn’t feel any different like I thought I would. I left Geraldine and the first thing I thought to myself was “I could do with a fag” which I swiftly replied to myself “…but do you really need one?”. From that moment on, that’s all I’ve told myself. I haven’t touched a single cigarette since, I feel fresh and all the money I’ve saved I’ve put away towards my travels!

Mr C.C, Hertfordshire

Please note: As with any therapy individual results will vary and individual success cannot be guaranteed.