Ready to show Sugar who’s Boss?

If you’re in the St Albans area then I have a treat for you!

Not the kind of treat that makes you feel dirty after eating it, racked with guilt, shame and self loathing.

Not the kind of treat that makes you feel physically sick when you’ve binged out yet again.

Not the kind of treat that adds to your waistline year on year.

Not the kind of treat that has you crawling back for more like an addict.

Not the kind of treat that you feel compelled to hide from others.


This treat is different!

This is a workshop on showing Sugar who’s Boss (Hint:take a look in the mirror!)


As a health coach, hypnotherapist and former sugar junkie I know all too well what it’s like to be on the sugar roller coaster, feeling like there’s no way off.


In my practise I  help men and women like you, look and feel fabulous.

If you want to:

  • understand why sugar makes you feel the way that you do
  • learn how you can look at food differently and make it part of the solution (not the problem)
  • feel empowered  and ready to take back control
  • Take home a couple of great handouts to help you on the way

Then this workshop is for you!

Tickets can be bought from Eventbrite here

As a special thank you for visiting my website, if you enter the code Fabulous you’ll get a further 15% off.

Now is your time to take back control and be your truly fabulous self!