Get Cleaning!

Clean your room!

With Spring finally starting to make an appearance, my mind is turning to spring cleaning and the benefit it can have for our health and wellbeing goals.

Many of us are continually trying to change and, for the most part, are always looking to change ourselves for the better, to be more productive and healthy. So, we plan. We plan a lot. New diets, starting a new exercise regimen, join a gym by the first day of the next month etc. But do we accomplish any of it? Do we follow through with these objectives? In most cases that’s a firm no. You may feel that don’t have ownership or control over a lot of your life, but one area you do is your bedroom. It’s the center of your daily, personal, physical universe.

If one really puts some thought into it, they would realize that their room is the reflection of the state of their mind and a manifestation of their inner being. If it’s in conflict or turmoil you would see it mirrored in the condition of your home, depending on the degree of conflict within you. The question is why would cleaning change anything and well, how do you start?

The bedroom is principally a place for you to sleep. You spend a bulk of your time doing this particularly. Start with making your bed. It’s easier to sleep on a clean bed with clean sheets and get up refreshed and on time. If you have a bad day you still come back home to a well-made bed. For me personally making the bed in the morning means I’ve accomplished one thing however small before I’ve even left the house. Bedtime me also really appreciates the self-care that morning me is giving me.

Once you’re up you then need to figure out what clothes you’d like to wear.  This is where your wardrobe can really help or hinder you.  Is it stuffed with clothes that are too small or too big? What knock on effect does that then have on how you approach the day and your goals. I would suggest that those too big clothes are giving you the opportunity to not fully engage in keeping your weight off and continuing towards your goal. They are to put it simply your ‘oh well it doesn’t really matter’ fall back option. On the other hand, those too tight items are making you feel like a failure before you’ve even began the day.  How is either of these then going to manifest in the food choices that you make for the day?

So, there you have it two simple ways you can use your inner sanctuary to work for you and your wellbeing goals. Happy cleaning!