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Our personal approach to Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

At Hypnos Wellbeing we believe in a personalised approach to helping you with weight loss Hypnotherapy. In our first session we begin with getting to know you. We clarifying what it is precisely that you’d like help with and finding out how the issue is causing you problems in your life. We can then agree on  a plan of action for moving forward. We truly believe that  working in partnership with you the client is the best way of moving you towards your goals.  That doesn’t mean that we won’t be honest with you if your goals are unrealistic or raise concerns if you aren’t giving it your all. After all Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBP are great tools but the work also needs to be put in by both sides! To find our more about these see our FAQ’s

Why do people get weight and eating problems?

Issues around weight gain and emotional eating are one of the most common reasons that we see clients. The majority of these people are already well aware of what broadly constitutes a healthy diet and the importance of exercise, yet seem unable to stick with it. Why is this?  Well, for many of our clients food has become about more than simply being a fuel for their body. As with alcohol and smoking they you may well be using food as a method of comfort, reward or to relieve stress. Of course unlike the other two it’s not possible to simply walk away from food, we do need it to live after all! There is also the added issue that many people have been conditioned to eat everything on their plate (regardless of how full they feel).  They may also eat at times of convenience rather than when they’re truly hungry.

How can Hypnotherapy help with weight loss and emotional eating?

Whether you have an issue with a certain type of food such as sugar, are routinely overeating or using food to change the way you feel if doesn’t matter as we always personalise the sessions to you. Initially the easiest thing is to drop us a line or give us a call.  From there we call explain the process, ask you relevant questions and answer any of your queries. We recommend booking a course of three sessions for those with less than two stone to lose and five sessions, including the addition of the Hypno-band for those with over this. You can find out more about the Hypno-band here. Our clinic is based in Central St Albans for your convenience at a variety of times. You can find a map of our  clinic below.  So it’s over to you, get in touch now and take that first step!

Weight loss MP3

All Hypnos Wellbeing  all weight loss clients receive a MP3  recording to aid their progress. If you’re not ready yet for personalised one to one sessions why not try us out by purchasing the recording from our affiliate site below.

weight loss mp3

Weight loss MP3


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