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Would you benefit from support that helps you to lose weight now but also manage it into the future?

If so, then FATnosis is for you.

FATnosis Is The Renowned Number 1 Mindset and Motivation Weight Management Solution

Equipping you with the tools to manage your weight now and in the future.


What You Receive

  1. Psychological tools to help you eat less and eat better.

  2. An advanced method of Hypnosis that strongly supports your motivation and willpower.

  3. Behavioural change tools that will immediately support you to manage your nutrition, manage cravings and manage self-esteem.

PLUS: You Will Be Coached To Use The FATnosis 80-20 Meal Planning System


Working together over 6 weeks, you will be supported to lose weight immediately, however the focus will be on ensuring you have the tools and a tailored prescription to manage your weight into the future.

Week 1: Coaching You To Use 80-20 Meal Planning

✔Coaching you to use the 80-20 meal planning system.

✔Supporting you to use psychological portion control techniques

✔Delivering support to implement your FATnosis 80-20 meal planning system.

Week 2: Developing And Implementing Motivational Techniques

✔Identifying your key motivators to strengthen your willpower.

✔Agreeing your immediate motivators to increase your willpower

✔Implementing your motivators and follow up checks.

Week 3: Coaching You To Use Self-Hypnosis

✔Delivering an opportunity to experience hypnosis and hypnotherapy for weight management.

✔Explaining the steps of self-hypnosis and how to do it for yourself in a range of situations.

Coaching you to use your inner voice when doing self-hypnosis so that you use it effectively to manage your weight.

Week 4: Managing The Emotion Of Eating And Building Self Esteem

✔Coaching you to immediately manage emotional eating when it kicks in.

✔Hypnosis session designed to strengthen self-esteem and confidence and lessen any preoccupation with food.

✔Identifying miscellaneous strategies to manage emotional eating.

Week 5: SOS Techniques To Control Cravings And Eating Habits

✔The 8 SOS strategies that will help you to manage cravings and eating habits.

✔Identifying the 3 SOS strategies that you will implement immediately.

✔Briefing for session 6.

Week 6: Developing Your Tailored Prescription For Long Term Weight Management

✔Reflecting on the FATnosis weight management strategies.

✔ Identifying your weight management actions for the long term.

✔Follow up support opportunities..

Free Guide and Hypnotherapy Recording

If you’d like a copy of my eGuide ‘Five Simple Steps to Ditching the Junk from Your Head So You Can Ditch the Junk from Your Plate’ and ‘Emotional Eating Eliminator’ to get you started you can download them both here

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Please note: As with any therapy individual results will vary and individual success cannot be guaranteed.