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I’m  so excited to tell you all about the new Signature programme that I’ve just created: Reset your Mind, Body and Soul.

It will free, empower and give back control around food to overweight and overwhelmed women so they can once and for all get the bodies and life that they’ve always desire.

It’s set to launch in 2019 but I’ve decided to run a test programme now for a lucky few at an awesomely reduced price. This offer has to close on the the 23rd of November and I only have space for a maximum of five people. If this is you, contact me here now!

Who is this for?

This is for those of you who’ve tried every faddish diet, pill and potions going. You have good days and bad days, but as of late you’re getting more and more of those bad days creep into your life. Perhaps you’re obsessing,binging, gorging and/or constantly craving sugar, carbohydrates, chocolate or your other food of choice? To sum it up, you feel out of control around food.

And why are you using and abusing food in this way? Perhaps it’s to push down those emotions, a way of coping with the daily stress and grind or as a way of rewarding yourself after a hard day?

Are you someone who’s lost the weight over and over again, only to gain it back and with a little bit extra each time? Does that make you feel embarrassed, ashamed and want to hide yourself away?

When you boil it all down, do you no longer believe in yourself and your abilities to change?  Have you told yourself time and time again that you’re not worthy or good enough to change?

Then read on dear reader, I have the solution for you….

What’s the Programe?

It’s from knowing these feelings both from my clients and myself all to well, did I devise my new Reset your Mind, Body and Soul programme.

It has a threefold approach that uses my MBS (Mind, Body and Soul) system and 6 killer questions.

  1. Mindset Mastery: Using Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic programming I can help you uncover the Why and the How of your eating habits. Let’s discover those unhelpful programmes and routines that you’re running in your brain, and more importantly move you on from them and install some better ones.
  2. Body: The What, Where and When  of your eating. This is where we can look at your diet and tweak it so that you feel full and energised for longer, rather than being a slave to your cravings. You can once more be in control around food.
  3. Soul: This is where I use my Health Coaching to create your goals and give you a whole heap of support and accountability. To put it another way, I’m there to cheer you on and give you a kick up the bum as needed. The big question here is Who are you now and Who  do you want to be?

What do you get?

  • 5 x 50 min Coaching/Hypnotherapy sessions face to face, or online if you’re not local to my Hoddesdon or st Albans Clinic
  • A 14 day Reset Cleanse eating guide to help you re evaluate your relationship to food and kick start your healthy eating habits
  • Plus a few extras….detailed below

What results can you expect?

Once more you can be in control of food and not the other way around. This programme is all about empowerment and freedom.

How good would it feel to longer be a slave to your food and emotions? This programme is designed to help you with that, so that you can get on with your life, guilt free.

You can know how good it feels to know when to stop eating, without denying yourself or beating yourself up. Maybe for the first time or the first time in a long time you’ll be able to be calm and relaxed around food, all whilst enjoying the food you love.

Through reprogramming your mind, body and soul you can have the body and life that you desire and be truly free.

Think of all those things that you’ll be able to do with all that free head space and time because when we truly love, appreciate ourselves and consider ourselves worthy of success we are a shining inspiration, to ourselves and in turn those that we love. Think, once you’ve cracked this, how much more can you achieve and how much more wonderful could your life become?

Why me?

I’m not someone talking and giving advice from upon high, I really get where you are now because I’ve been there. I’ve been the overweight chocolate addict, I’ve been the person to turn to food when I’m feeling unworthy, sad, angry, tired etc. and most importantly through all the stuff that I’ve learnt over the years, I’ve experimented on myself first. All the stuff that worked, I’ve kept and perfected. If you’d like to know more about my story, you can read it here.

What’t the investment?

In 2019, this programme will be £596

As it’s the trial run that I’m keeping to a handful of lucky people I’m offering it to you now for £496

Remember, this programme closes on the 23rd of November or when I get my maximum of five people, whichever happens first.

If you’d like to sign up all you have to pay now it the £100 deposit, with the rest due at your first session. The Paypal button is below for ease. I will then contact you via this email address to arrange your first session, of feel free to get in touch first via the contact page.


Why not?

Although this system has been created with all the feedback and wants that I get from my current clients, enquiries and online group members I know that some of you will have read this far, got all excited and then your brain has had a moment of freak out and told you no.

Why does it do that? It’s all very simple, our brains are afraid of change. It’s a way of protecting us, keeping us safe, by keeping us exactly where we are now. Just like your muscles though, you know you need to stretch to grow right?

The two most common ways people express this fear? I don’t have the time or I don’t have the money.

It’s an interesting one isn’t it? I wonder over the years, how much time and money you’ve wasted on shakes, pills, weird diet foods and plans that quite simply haven’t worked in the long term. I know I shudder when I think about it.

The reason this stuff hasn’t worked in the long term? It’s all focusing on what you’re putting in your body, which is only part of the picture. What about all that stuff that you’ve put in your brain? Your habits, your beliefs, your stories. All that stuff is what makes you, you. Let’s be honest here,  all that stuff is awash with emotions and feeling. So no matter how much you try to  logic and knowledge yourself into better behaviours, you emotions will always win out.

That’s why I offer a comprehensive programme that deals with the body, mind and soul, once and for all.

Look what one of my clients said about working with me:

“Absolute Magic! Geraldine released me from negative thought patterns and through her skillful and sensitive coaching, she enabled me to overcome the obstacles that were preventing me from reaching my health goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking success” (S.Dean 2018)


And an extra something for you….

As a thank you for being part of the test run I’ll also be throwing in these awesome extras

  • A Hypnotherapy recording for you to keep up the good work at home
  • A Nutritional assessment to help you see where you need to tweak your dietary vitamin and mineral intake. A great way to help you feel as well as look your best.


Please note: As I say elsewhere on  my website and to all my clients, individual results will always vary. As with any form of therapy I cannot guarantee success.I can however guarantee that the more that you put in, the more that you will get out and that I will always give it my all.

So, what are you waiting for? As the great book title by Susan Jeffers proclaimed:  It’s time To Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!