Hypno-band Hypnotherapy Ware

If you are fed up with being overweight and have tried numerous ways of losing weight but none of them are working for you, then you may want to consider our Hypno-band Hypnotherapy clinic based near Ware; it is a safe, reliable and cost effective way to lose weight without the cost, fear and risk of surgery.

Hypnos Wellbeing have seen many cases where our Hypno-band hypnotherapy has helped changed our client’s lives. We give our clients the chance to experience the results usually achieved through the surgical fitting of a Gastric Band, without having to go through the stress and worry of surgery and through spending a lot less money too. A gastric band can often go into thousands of pounds, making hypno-band Hypnotherapy a much more cost-effective solution. Not forgetting the convenience of having the service just a few miles from home.

While gastric band surgery is very good for weight loss, it is not suitable for everyone. In fact gastric band surgery is often for those classified as clinically obese with extremely high levels of BMI (body mass index), but Hypno-band Hypnotherapy can be performed on you as long as your BMI is 25 or over.

Apart from the cost and surgery risks of gastric bands another issue with the gastric band is that the emotional and psychological reasons behind the eating habits of the client are not considered and there have been many stories where the client suffers with depression or over-eating after the gastric band has been surgically fitted because those emotions were not dealt with.

Hypnos Wellbeing take the time to:

  • Understand the client
  • Learn why they have issues and habits when it comes to food
  • Show how these emotions can be dealt with and resolved

We feel that this is an essential part to the journey of weight loss which is why we offer this service to all of our clients looking to lose weight.

Once the food concerns and emotional issues have been understood then we can offer the Hypno-band Hypnotherapy service conveniently just down the road from Ware in the nearby town of Hoddesdon.  This will help the client eat a reduced amount of food while still feeling full and this will help them maintain and enjoy eating a healthy balanced diet, resulting in weight loss and a maintained healthy weight.

If you are looking for all the benefits of a surgical gastric band but don’t want the surgery or huge price tag then give us a call, we would be happy to tell you about how our Hypno-band Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight and improve your lifestyle and well-being.

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